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InfiniteFX, LLC Whether your looking to "try it before you buy it" or are just looking to spice up your show, renting a ShowVision flexible LED screen is a great option.  
With our screen rentals it's easy to add that extra wow factor to your show.  We currently have several different pitch curtains that we can ship you.  This will include the screen, controller, hanging hardware, Madrix license key and laptop with Madrix installed.  All you'll need to do after hanging the curtain is plug it in and turn it on.  
If you are located in or just outside of Michigan, we offer several more options ranging from 200mm to 16mm pitch screens with operators present.  Below you'll find a few videos of our screens in action at local events. Give us a call or send us an email to find out what is available in your area and reserve your ShowVision LED screen today.


Here you will see a video taken from an distance of approximately 30ft from a single ShowVision PULSE 100 LED Curtain run by InfiniteFX. A single Pulse 100 measures approximately 10.5 feet wide by 5.25 feet tall.
Sound Card is on stage for this event, spinning the beats for the crowds of the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival 2012.
This is two of the ShowVision Pulse 100 LED Curtains in action at a college graduation party in Big Rapids Michigan with DJ Barcode spinning.  With two of these screens setup side by side they cover a 21 foot by 5.25 foot area.
Here are two of the ShowVision Pulse 100 LED Curtains in action at the Gate Electronic Fest 2.0 in Big Rapids Michigan. With two of these screens setup side by side they cover a 21 foot by 5.25 foot area.
These are a few short clips of our 37.5mm curtain behind the main stage at The Gate for The Gate Electronic Fest 2.5 in Big Rapids Michigan.  This curtain consists of two panels that are approximately 6 feet by 6 feet to create a 12 foot wide by 6 foot tall backdrop when connected together.  
InfiniteFX, LLC teamed up with Smash Brothers for this show that was sponsored by Techsmith at their company birthday party.  We ran our 37.5 mm screen behind Starfarm who put on a great show.  This screen is setup as 12 feet wide by 8 feet tall, but can also be setup 16 feet wide by 6 feet tall.
InfiniteFX, LLC and Detroit Rave Scene put on an awesome light show at Club Fantasy for Dead World 5. For this show we brought out three different pitch curtains.
- The large curtain in the center is a 37.5mm pitch that is approximately 12 ft wide by 6 ft tall.
- To either side of that, there is a Pulse 100, which is a 100mm pitch curtain that is 10.5 ft wide by 5.25 ft tall.
- The last curtain we brought out is hanging on the front of the DJ booth as a front board. This is one of our Pulse 75 curtains which is a 75mm pitch curtain that is approximately 8 ft wide by 4 ft tall.

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